#TheNewCent Is Coming!!

By erixink | erixink | 17 Aug 2019


#TheNewCent Is Coming. Update from Cent CEO, max was posted earlier today.


For those who don’t already know, Cent is a dapp built on the Ethereum blockchain & uses ETH as its internal currency. On Cent anyone can earn ETH from anywhere. Thus, the cent motto:

Income From Anywhere


Cent is a useful, engaging, fun, & awesome social platform. It’s beautifully designed with an easy to use UI, intuitive filters/post views, & an easy to understand earning scheme. The community we are building is different from other platforms & that’s a major point of pride for ₵entians. There is free exchange of ideas from users around the globe yet civility reigns. The quality of content is some of the best around. It’s a really great platform to be part of.


Currently Cent is in its beta phase. An announcement was pinned today from Centian CEO, Max that the team has been working on some amazing & exciting features for #TheNewCent. Max wrote about: “A new look. Native apps. Fiat capabilities. A video that is a f*cking work of art. And most importantly, a BRAND NEW incentive mechanism that will probably come to replace seeding with time.” He also spoke about the earning potential of Cent & what his vision for it is: “I want you to be able to live off your Cent earnings, and I won't stop until you do. I want you to be free. We're going to get there.”


The post didn’t mention exactly when but that the new features are coming soon as Cent prepares to go ‘Mainstream’. The entire post can be found here


If you are someone who loves community, civilized discussion, great content, & earning for adding something of value Cent may be for you. You can signup at: https://beta.cent.co/


** There is no incentivized referral system on Cent so this is an pure & honest opinion & post.

*** Please no spammers, bots, or trolls on Cent. We already have one or two & that’s enough.


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