ERC-721 Tokens - The Next Generation

ERC-721 Tokens - The Next Generation

Ethereum is a blockchain which allows developers to create their own cryptocurrency or tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain itself. These tokens are referred to as ERC or Ethereum Request for Comment tokens and they have multiple standards each with its own set of rules. 
The most popular ones are the ERC-20 tokens but today we will be focusing the ERC-721 Tokens or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These NFTs are unique and thus can be considered as collectibles each with their own worth.

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There are many fields where ERC-721 tokens are being used for example in crypto art but the are where their popularity is going through the roof is in blockchain games. Different blockchain games are offering unique armory, tools, items, skins, layout and interface which is being an attractive feature for numerous professioanl games of all ages. 

These games can be sstrategic like MMOs or are 1st person shooter games.

The trending games these days mainly are:

I hope you have a fun time playing these games and earn numerous rewards,

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Blockchain Technology - A New Age
Blockchain Technology - A New Age

Here I will be discussing about the different ERC Tokens and how they have changed the blockchain industry.

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