Covid-19 (part 2) What can we do? (Feb 16th 2020)

By sewiet | Era_Covid19 | 16 Feb 2020

(2020 FEB 17th)

China has locked down huge areas. People are kept inside and we know of cases of people trying to get around that are beaten up by some official forces. China is not joking around and applying measures that compare to a Zombie Apocalypse. I will admit that they did not start to shoot at people yet. And let's better hope this will never come up at any time anywhere.

But for most of the world's population we don't know the details. We still just hope that our area stays more or less clean. And currently this is the case, right?

The international cases so far... Single people brought infection here and there. In Munich a chinese company colleague brought the desease in from China. There are currently 14 cases in treatment. One person released after about two weeks. He is said to be without symptoms and should not be infectious anymore. No fatalities reported so far. Then there are cruise ships in quarantine with sometimes single cases. But there's also the "Diamond princess" with hundreds of infected people (about one third of the passengers tested). Thereof about 20% seem to show no symptoms at all. Of course it would be interesting to know if some of those will remain without symptoms at all and will those very same people walk around and if still Covid19 positive infect the rest if us silently?

This would not necessarily be the bad news. A high number of unknown cases would definitely mean that the fatality rate is in fact much lower as the assumed 2%.

So now let's face the current situation. The spread rate is definitely high. And dependant of the success to dampen the spread the cases will significantly go up or down.

Don't panic!

The rule number one that I would like to share is very simple: " Don't panic!". One thing is sure. If panic comes up then the number of deaths will increase drastically. People will get fearfull and act crazy. Your neighbor might be your worst enemy. Anything you do might be a mistake and the resulting stress will make you forget to follow even the simplest daily tasks that are in the end as important as avoiding to get sick. 

Watch your immune system

As we do not exactly know who is most affected by the desease it is best to maintain good health. At first there were speculations about old people and infants being most harmed. But currently this is not really confirmed. So why not go for a slight increase of immune boosting vitamins.


Vitamin C can (as always) be considered among the most important. Vitamin D3 if your not exposed to sun daily (often combined together with K) is another good idea to boost your respiratory system. B Vitamins (especially B6) may help regulate your immune reactions. There are reports of people dying after pulmonary symptoms. They more or less drown due to fluids in the loung. This is known to be an autoimmune reaction of the body. B6 can help avoiding the so called Cytokine storm that can trigger the drowning. Vitamin E an antioxidant that can help in case of inflammation. Boosting those vitamins might therefore be a good idea and will not harm you. (You may ask for professional advice before starting to take high doses of the above mentioned vitamins. I am no professional nutritionist and will not give advice about the dosage for the time being.)

Get prepped?

This is not really a topic I want to spend a lot of time with. But surely you might want to get prepared in case of a local lock down situation. All kind of masks (including covering the eyes) and special suits may be useful at some point in time. If really needed you may build up some stock (in case of a long lasting situation). 

Load up your household with the most important goods for daily use and the vitamins and other health related products. As stated before if the situation is serious you cannot really know when exactly things will get better again. 

Never walk alone

It is always good to connect with friends and neighbors. Let's better help each other instead of fighting against each other for the last loaf of bread in the supermarket. 

Closing comment of this article: what ever you decide to do... Don't overeact. Don't panic. First think about what you consider doing and if possible discuss it with friends and family. You should not be all alone in what you do.


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This blog started FEB 15th 2020. Covid19 the novel Corona virus desease is creating new angst about 15year after SARS. One thing was clear already by mid of march 2020: It will have changed all of our lives in one or many ways. China, Italy, now the rest of the world lead by NY have now switched into lock-down mode. Where is this going?

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