Covid-19 Newsflash (Feb 22nd 2020)

By sewiet | Era_Covid19 | 22 Feb 2020

Not the best news today...

But the confirmation of the good numbers upfront. In general 80+% of infected people will probably only have mild symptoms. This seems to be confirmed over the last days new numbers. 

However more and more of the more informed and IMHO qualified experts believe in an international spread of the desease. I don't want to spread panic. However having some thoughts about how to deal with the situation if it comes to your area is definitely not unreasonable.

I started following a blog from Dr. John Campbell who is giving frequent update on the current situation.


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This blog started FEB 15th 2020. Covid19 the novel Corona virus desease is creating new angst about 15year after SARS. One thing was clear already by mid of march 2020: It will have changed all of our lives in one or many ways. China, Italy, now the rest of the world lead by NY have now switched into lock-down mode. Where is this going?

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