Equinox's stake DEX is back and better than ever!

By Kakashi_EQNOX | EQNOX | 8 May 2022

Disclaimer the examples provided are based on the testnet contract. They do not correspond to the reality of the mainnet contract, and should only be used for informative purposes. If you are new to EQNOX or would like to know more about it, be sure to check our previous article on the ABCs of EQNOX and the one about the DEX.


Greetings reader!

Our DEX is back, and better than ever. Two weeks ago we launched the original DEX. It worked great, but after the feedback we got from our community, it could be even greater. So, we paused it and made some changes so that you'll make the best of this renewed DEX.


Why change the DEX?

Token prices change frequently. If you base your stake's price, then your stake may be sold for less than it's worth. Canceling your listing and listing it again can take a while and it may be a bit costly. So, two changes were proposed. The first one is a way to change a listing's price without canceling it. The second was a way to expire a listing after a certain amount of time.

Here's what changed in the interface. In the "Buy a Stake" section, we've added columns related to the time left for the listing to expire and the seller's address. Stakes that have expired won't show here, so you'll have to renew them.

Buy a stake section

In the "My Listings" section you'll notice that there are two more buttons, Extend and Update.  

my listings section

Extend allows you to extend an expired stake you had for sale. You can also limit them if they're listed forever. The extension can be defined as hours, days, or weeks.

picking an expiration date

The update allows you to change the listing's price between 5 BUSD and 25k BUSD.

Now to the listing process. The number of steps remains the same, but you'll be able to set an expiration date. In the event of an error during the listing process, it will be listed without an expiration date.


And that's it for our v2 update!


How's EQNOX doing?

We are currently in our fifth month. That means that there are less than five months until harvest. Our chart is gradually growing through organic buys and there's around 87% EQNOX staked!



The share price is at 2.6 EQNOX and the end stake penalty is at 13.20%.

As you may know, EQNOX will launch in PulseChain and we'll be having an airdrop. This airdrop will be based on stake shares and it won't be 1:1. We are currently working on the ratio and you can expect news from us soon!

In the meantime, try the DEX out and let us know what you think!

Thank you for your support,



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EQUNOX is a certificate of deposit project on the Binance Smart Chain network. It dynamizes interest and penalties through the concept of seasons, where you'll gain more interest during the winter and have no penalties during the autumn. Through this basis and a participation of the community on tokenomic decisions, EQNOX is both a disruptive technology for traditional finance and early Certificate of Deposit tokens.

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