UNI Second Round Airdrop Scam?

By eprolific | Cryptolific | 22 Sep 2020

The news of UNI is everywhere after the airdrop, many telegram bots where now conducting UNI airdrop, on Twitter you could see UNI airdrop and the headline baits:

If you miss the UNI Airdrop...
Do you miss the UNI airdrop...

They are pure scams.

I bump into this UNI Airdrop website

Second Uniswap Airdrop
September 21 2020

The website well designed with link to uniswap page at top right corner and they are airdropping UNI if you hold ETH or UNI in your wallet.

Skeptical about it, I tried to claim it Airdrop, so I gave an eth wallet that I don't use and enter some figure for eth and uni, it took me to the next page and I saw a space to enter my private key 😲,
this totally a scam and the gullible will fall for this.

Don't forget the ultimate rule about your crypto wallet.

Don't share your private key with anyone and enter on any website, or app.

This will be flying around and many will be duped, Please share with others.

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