Crypto Youtubers Worth Watching

Crypto Youtubers Worth Watching

By EP | EP | 29 Jan 2020

You'll find a lot of "experts" in our world on all kinds of topics.

Especially cryptocurrencies.

You know that many are not worth listening to.

In my experiences, I've watched and heard a lot of different Crypto Youtubers over the years.

In order to save your attention, time, and money, I'm sharing a few of the highest quality folks I've found.

These channels are regularly updated and contain valuable information.



First up is Nicholas Merten, a.k.a., Data Dash. He nails great interviews with a variety of critical people in the crypto universe. Data Dash provides regular updates on the latest happenings with everything going on that affects the finance industry, including:

  • Stock markets
  • Bonds
  • Politics
  • Cryptocurrencies



Next up is The Modern Investor, a.k.a, TMI. TMI puts up videos just about every day. The uploads have the latest cryptocurrency news, straight up with no fluff. TMI is quite honest. His B.S. detector is properly running. I appreciate all of the work and analysis he does. He's based in Europe, grew up in the states, and has a unique perspective that is appropriate for the cryptocurrency industry. Whether he's discussing crypto and IoT sensors, real estate, art, or anything else, listen up when TMI is professing.



Lark Davis, a.k.a., the Crypto Lark, provides an entertaining view of the crypto space. Based in New Zealand, Lark's videos are informative and fun. His outfits and clothes are always memorable. He does a wonderful job of breaking down global events and explaining how they're affecting crypto.



The last person I'll mention in this blog post is Charles Hoskinson. Charles is the champion of Cardano ADA. He also co-founded Ethereum. Cardano ADA is now his baby and his dedication is shown well through his Youtube channel. Charles regularly pops on to Youtube and does live updates, Questions & Answers (Q&A), and Ask Me Anything (AMA) episodes. I'm impressed with how involved he is with the Cardano ADA community. I don't see other crypto project leaders jumping on Youtube and giving an update on the latest happenings with the project. Dear Charles - you're amazing.



Those are some of my favorite people to watch on Youtube when I want to learn about what's going on right now in the crypto sphere.


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