Chinas New Dystopian Social Credit System Shows Us Why We Need Decentralisation

Chinas New Dystopian Social Credit System Shows Us Why We Need Decentralisation

By Eosmastering | EOSmastering | 2 Mar 2019

If you are not familiar with this (which would not be strange considering no mainstream media ever covered it) it is a social credit system that the Chinese government are testing out on their citizens. If anyone has seen the great TV-series Black Mirror, there is an episode where everyone rates everyone for their actions – precisely what they have implemented in China. (I’ll link to the video below)

Now, this is some dark stuff. This is “soft communism” and it is effective and scary, and we see the tendencies in the west as well. The “triggered” generation, people not taking jokes anymore, everyone is a racist type of society is giving us a pinpoint on what might come. Free speech is slowly being reduced to speech-responsibility and then it is gone, unless we actually embrace the importance of it. Free speech means the right for people who offend you with their opinions to utter those opinions, wether you find them comfortable or not. People uttering idiotic and racist opinions is a side effect of free speech, not it’s sole purpose.

This new system is happening now in China. It is being tested out on millions all ready, and is due to be implemented for all Chinese residents in 2020. It is a mandatory system. Meaning, you cannot get away from it as a Chinese citizen. It is a truly dystopian system, where people who behave “badly” will be ranked lower and will then struggle to book flights, trains, they will get worse insurance, loans, interest rates, not being admitted into restaurants, banning internet connection, banning your kids from good schools, and even publicly announce that you are a bad citizen. Behaviour that could result in some or more of these sanctions could be things like visiting “bad” websites, crossing the road in red light, driving too fast etc. On the other side, well behaved citizens will get rewards and perks. Imagine the huge social implications. If you are even associated with a “bad” friend it will affect your social credit score. Imagine the millions of people who will be social outcasts. I can only see this ending up in a huge tragedy of suicide and violence/terrorism.

This is of course a complete behavioural control-system which will end bad. Doing this kind of social engineering and mass surveillance is what a corrupt and deranged bloated socialist/communist regime will do. An interesting observation is how social control can be done on many levels. I reside in Scandinavia, and here the state threaten to take your kid away if you don’t comply or live within the boundaries of “normal”. 10% of all children are taken away from their parents in 2018. And it is a very effective way to silence people. If you utter skepticism against immigration, the welfare state etc, you are risking having your child taken away from you. The odds of that happening is of course small – especially if you have resources. But for most people, that small risk of losing your child makes it not worth it to utter any counter opinions. So you shut your mouth. Because it’s not worth the risk for you short term. Unfortunately your collective silence could end up destroying the society your kids will live in as adults.

What do you think will happen to your social credit score if you own crypto or mine crypto? Of course, it will drive your social credit into the gutter.

As most of you know, the open and transparent technology known as blockchain can be uses for both good and bad. It is the decentralisation part that is not only interesting, but crucial to our freedom. When you hear politicians and banks being interested in the technology, and you wonder why – it is because they wonder how to use the technology privately and not decentralised. They want the transparency (for them) so they know everything their customers do. If you digitalise all your Fiat currency and keep the transactions on a private ledger you get all the benefits while the users get none.


Can Blockchain Save Us?

I have come to the realisation that blockchain and crypto is an ideological battle. The decentralised structure is our only hope of continued freedom in the West, as well as our only hope for improvement for the unbanked poor people in the third world. I believe that we have to unite behind some moral values before we can move forward. I believe that we have to unite behind the idea that politicians and governments are a bad thing. That it is ineffective and is based on force and violence. I never signed a contract and neither did you. If it was a free choice to be a part of a welfare state or not, we would have been so much better off. And we all see which way it is going. All these centralised organisations like Google and Youtube and Twitter and Facebook are effectively silencing a lot of political voices that no one would ever consider racist or over the top 10 years ago.

With a decentralised Internet, decentralised dapps and decentralised currencies we get only that. We get it all. We can chose to ignore it, or downvote it, but we can’t censor it. And censorship of our ideas, thoughts and actions is the number one threat to freedom, prosperity and progress. I know most people are not in this space for ideological reasons or “in it for the tech”. I know most people are young misguided relativists looking for ways to make some money. But money was never easy, nor should it be. Freedom and money comes with a price. Freedom requires responsibility, and money requires dedication, hard work and stayer ability. And in this particular case of Blockchain technology it actually even requires some moral grounding. So I’m making this case – in order for this space to succeed we have to own cryptocurrencies for the right reasons. If not, a few people might make a lot of money, some will lose, but in the end we get totalitarianism.


I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it


Decentralisation is the defender of that right.

Please let me know in the comment section what you think about this topic.


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