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Writing about the blockchain protocol EOS mostly. Tutorials and interviews with people in the EOS space.

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EOS Update March 20, 2019

6 days ago Eosmastering $0.04 (14.0725 BNTY)

I have not been able to make as many updates lately unfortunately. This does not mean that I’m not doing EOS related stuff – it just means less time writing. So bear with me if I don’t manage to give an update on absolutely everything – but I will tr...

Why Are You In Crypto? I’ll Tell You Why I Am

2 weeks ago Eosmastering $2.98 (980.5762 BNTY)

  To those that know me in this relatively new space, I write mainly about EOS, but I am also more or less a blockchain agnostic. I am not a tech-oriented guy. I have no background in computers – other than growing up with them and using them for gen...

Crypto Makes a 180 Degree Turn After Huge News!

2 weeks ago Eosmastering $0.04 (13.3730 BNTY)

Wow, crypto makes you schizophrenic doesn’t it? In my last article I wrote that I saw 2019 as the year of building and not the year of investors. I stand by that, but could it be so that the building and adoption takes off in such a tempo that it is...