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Tech Talk oAn a Tuesday w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy, (quite possibly the best named tech show on the Internet btw), is a way for those in the space of a highly technical caliber to connect with all those users and abusers of that tech which they work so hard to create.  It isn’t uncommon for there to be a slight disconnect at times between those doing the developing and those the using, and considering they both come at the products they are using from different angles it is not surprising.  Thus Tech Talk on a Tuesday allows for those creators to explain in simpler terms both the product and the ideology behind it in a way that those of us a little less tech savvy can understand, grow, and learn to better benefit us through utilization.  

This week we welcome first time guest Seth of  For those unaware, Boid is short for bird-oid, a computer simulation of birds in a flock.  Each ‘boid’ follows simple rules with nearby boids.  Many boids interacting results in emergent meta patterns.  Likewise, the Boid Platform relies on computing resources from a large number of individual contributors.  These small contributions culminate into massive real-world impact.  

Today we will be talking about the Boid network, the mythology and first phase of the BoidVoid game, the second coming EOS NFT Boid Scientists series auction, Boid in The Uplift, and knowing all the things Boid is involved in, likely a whole lot more.  

Catch all the action LIVE at 9am EST Tuesday, March 2nd, or tune in for the replay on our official theUplifters YouTube channel alongside all our other past and affiliated videos.


w/ Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D is a series of weekly themed episodes with the intent to hone in on specified happenings around the space and bring together the builders, the influencers, and the community for a better understanding of a holistic ecosystem.  

The with Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D Weekly line up consists of Monday’s BP&Chill, Tech Talk on a Tuesday, Wednesday’s Media Moguls, Thursday’s EOSIO Weekly Update, and Friday’s NFT Game Day.  

Each day we will be accompanied by a guest from throughout the space to guide us through whatever their super power may be, and together we can discover, learn, and educate one another in our aim towards making this collective experience the best for all it can possibly be.  

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With both this weeks semantics and mechanics out of the way then, do keep it real and happy trails skipping down the blockchain road to new and exciting future destinations and community building journey ;D


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Jimmy D
Jimmy D

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, podcast and video host, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.

w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D
w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D

Co-hosts Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D jump on the line with various projects and into various themes and topics in an effort to connect block producers, influencers, and crypto projects with the broader community at large ;D

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