EOS Cryptomarket

EOS Cryptomarket

Entrepreneurship and the decentralized digital economy are becoming a unique opportunity for the creation of business opportunities in the 21st century.

This is where the so-called Decentralized Finances (DeFi) begin to play a fundamental role in empowering local economies through financial services without intermediaries, commissions and interests such as those provided by EOS Market Place (EMP).

This allows more businesses of various kinds to join the economy in a global, digital, open and secure environment without the need to use traditional banking to boost any venture, while generating other forms of payment that benefit customers, thus creating a win-win environment.

This is the case of Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket, a business dedicated to the wholesale and retail sale of groceries and butchery. It also offers the possibility of collecting, distributing and promoting all the initiatives and undertakings of members of the EOS community from San Carlos, Cojedes state, Venezuela.

The aforementioned business opened its doors on March 31, 2021 under the responsibility of Juan Hernandez (in charge of Finca EOS I) and his team. It is a physical business, which is also managed digitally using EOS Market Place, thus taking advantage of the benefits of the decentralized digital economy.

Although Juan Hernandez is in charge of the store, it could be said that the project belongs to the EOS community in San Carlos, since they are the ones who supply it and give it life through credits and supply of many items born within the ecosystem of that community.

The butcher shop is the main protagonist of trade, however, you can count on national and imported groceries, as well as a wide range of products of the EOS food basket ranging from dairy products and their derivatives to unique delicacies such as cocoa granola.

It is important to highlight that so far more than twelve entrepreneurs have added their creations to the stock of EOS products, highlighting the croupi buttermilk, EOS ketchup, arequipe and cocoa products, without forgetting a wide range of products such as cakes, ice cream, snacks and even locally produced wines.

Each product can be paid in local currency or foreign currency, although the largest volume of sales is made in EOS through eosmarketplace.io. This platform is the main buying and selling tool, as the customer places his order from the platform, then picks up his order without delay and securely at this time of Covid-19 propagation.

In the words of Juan:

"The vision of Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket started a year ago with the launch of Café & Crypto, when we wanted to carry out the supply of groceries and groceries paid with EOS using EOS Microloan. Then, we realized that wholesalers and large retailers were sometimes skeptical to use EOS, so we started a campaign to have our own distributors in the community that had the possibility and the interest to supply the retailers in the EOS network. The EOS Cryptomarket also fulfills the function of generating curiosity around EOS, EOS Microloan and especially EOS Market Place, which is addressed in the radio program "EOS Magazine" and in the EOS San Carlos office".

The Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket was created because there is a need for a place to support the initiatives born from the EOS community and from where to organize and promote products that contain stories of growth and human hope in a context as complex as the Venezuelan economy.

The final intention of this trade is to be a meeting space for people who believe in the vision of humanized finance (Humanized Finance, Hu-Fi), proposed by the visionary Maurice Vanegas (CEO EOS Microloan and EOS Market Place), who use blockchain technology to build a more just and equitable world.

It is expected in the short term to meet the needs of the members of the EOS community in San Carlos, who already exceed 200 members identified in eosmarketplace.io. However, we do not rule out the possibility of adding more and more people to join the EMP movement.

Regarding the reasons why Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket uses EOS instead of other tokens and cryptocurrencies, as well as EOS Market Place as a directory and payment platform for its customers, Juan tells us the following:

"There are several reasons that have been discussed to exhaustion, but at this moment if you ask me, I would affirm that it is the fact that the community that surrounds the currency is demonstrating with actions positive changes in a country as surreal as Venezuela. That tide of people who are making the use of EOS a daily occurrence is the main reason to believe that there are more than enough reasons to have and use it".

In turn, Juan believes that using EOS Market Place as a sales platform allows access to a new economy using the project's native token called MLT, which is a passive reward obtained by both the person selling and the person paying. Juan tells us: "EMP and its token are the break of the paradigm that the traditional economy system has wanted to sell as the only possible option. I think EMP has hit the nail on the head by encouraging an effective use of EOS and MLT, benefiting both parties by creating liquidity, motorizing and boosting the local economy."

For Juan, EOS Market Place has four outstanding features:

"Practicality: my customers can place their orders through the platform, go to the store, pick up and pay with EOS. Opportunity: I can receive a credit with EOS downwards and cancel it with market fluctuations upwards. Security: I can exchange my devalued bolivars for a currency that has maintained its average value and upwardly generates passive earnings. Community: never in our history have Venezuelans working together cooperatively obtained this great achievement, the product of a solid leadership that has marked a before and after in the national economy".

According to Juan, EOS Market Place can help the people of the San Carlos community by creating a greater sensitivity among them to work together, contributing to the economy through the use value of EOS to withstand the current national economic crisis. In this way, independence is generated to allow entrepreneurs to have a sustained growth in community, in order to achieve goals together based on the hard work and constancy of the members.

When asked what recommendations he would give to people and businesses wishing to use EOS Market Place, Juan told us the following:

"Get organized. It's not just about giving credits, it's about adapting to the new times. Only the fittest species survives and reproduces, so it is up to us to learn how to use these wonderful tools to grow, survive and maintain our legacies in the history of the economic evolution of mankind".

Below, you can see some images of Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket during its inauguration.




If you wish to purchase the products of Bodegón EOS Cryptomarket using EOS Market Place, you can contact us through the following information:

Address: Av Ricaurte with Calle La Morena, next to Recargas Agua Santa, San Carlos, Cojedes state, Venezuela.

Telephone number: +58 (0412) 345.69.07

Website: https://eosmarketplace.io/#/business/bodegoneosca


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