What I Learnt in my First Week in Crypto

By OTcrypto | EnvCrypto | 15 Feb 2022

Crypto is FUN!!!


I have spent a number of months contemplating whether of not I should start investing in Crypto and looking at other ways to make money other than a regular 9-5 job Monday to Friday. I was always scared and slightly apprehensive to the thought of it, just due to the nature of my upbringing and the way money and investing wasn't really spoken about. We had had numerous conversations about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during the sometimes long nights during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, but i never had the money available to really be able to try and look at whether crypto would be a viable investment option. The conversations were usually lead by members of my family, who in reality, would never even think about it as anything other than a 'silly little waste of money'. But in me it sparked a curiosity that has lead me to now starting my cryptocurrency journey. 


So, I have now been investing/ examining the crypto markets for the last week and below are a few thoughts on it all:

  • They really are incredibly volatile and currently to me still feel very hard to predict and understand. I am sure this may change over the coming months but the lack of real control is something I personally find quite challenging!!
  • There are more currencies than i could imagine but i love how many there are and have really enjoyed exploring them.
  • There is so much to learn but I LOVE it, its fascinating and the way in which they work and interact is truly such an interesting and important conversation which I believe more people should know about and have.
  • I do now believe that they will be part of the future economy so understanding and being able to use them now will be such a bonus in the future.
  • The resources online to learn about crypto is fascinating and being rewarded to learn is such a great way for people to really get into a new hobby.


The final push from a friend of mine to get into crypto was the best thing I could ask for as it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of learning and ways to make some money. I know that i probably won't get rich off crypto but i do know that i am enjoying it so far and can't wait to see how my journey continues. Finally, I can't wait to expand my horizons even more as I push myself to learn about NFT's the Metaverse and so much more.


Thank you for reading :)

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