Cleaning A Hair Comb In A Dishwasher

By sleepyjey | Entropy | 19 Aug 2021

What is the funkiest thing you've cleaned in a dishwasher? For me, it has to be my hair comb! Let me guide you through how I do it safely and hygienically!

Why does a comb get dirty?
Hair is one of the many things that get stuck in a comb. There is oil and seat from the scalp that get stuck. Anything you apply on your hair like cream or shampoo leaves a residue and this makes its way to the comb also.Then there's dead cells and dandruff from the scalp besides dust and dirt from the environment that make a comb dirty. So, yup, it's a good idea to clean it once in a while.


What combs can I clean in the dishwasher?
Any good quality comb that can withstand heat can be cleans. Cheap plastic combs and combs with mirrors may not survive a dishwasher wash. Brushes too have lots of hair stuck on their bristles and it's not a good idea putting it in a dishwasher.
Wooden combs and other combs that use glue components to stick their parts together too are a strict no-no.

Step 1. Remove all the hair from the comb. You DO NOT want hair to get stuck on your utensils and you do not want hair to clog a dishwashers outlet or filters.

Step 2. Rinse it with a little water to get rid of some of the residues stuck to a comb

Step 3. Put the comb in the cutlery rack of the dishwasher. If you feel that this may get too hot at the borrom of the dishwasher, leave it on the top rack. Load the dishwasher as usual. I try to make sure that the comb is not directly in contact with utensils - just for hygiene reasons


Step 4. Run a regular dishwasher cycle.

Step 4. Ta-daaa. Remove the spotless, dry comb and get ready to use it. You can rinse it a bit to remove the dishwasher detergent smell from it


Other tips: If you are running a cleaning or descaling cycle on your dishwasher, you can use this cycle to clean your comb. If possible, adjust the temperature to a lower temperature or avoid running cycles with high temperatures.

I hope the photos speak for themselves. Do try it and let me know the results.
PS: From a hygiene perspective I would never let my comb close to my cooking or eating space. In a dishwasher, as long as you've removed the hair and residue, the cleaning should be complete and there is no chance of contamination of utensils from comb dirt. Everything is cleaned!




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