What is Telos Blockchain? Beginner Concepts

What is Telos Blockchain? Beginner Concepts

By acido1120 | Entrepreneur2 | 3 Dec 2019


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Telos blockchain beginner concepts

⭐ Token TLOS your cryptocurrency currency of TELOS.
⭐ A network or blockchain that forked (created from another network), of the blockchain Eos.io.
⭐ Users have control of all their actions, assets or own assets, operations, transactions.
⭐ Speed, equity in all operations in Telos Eosio software.

⭐ In computer programming it is an open code, creating blocks (operations or transactions between users in the Telos blockchain.
⭐ Governance (identity, operation, democracy, decentralization, anonymity, contracts, business, currencies or cryptocurrencies or token that arise in the projects that we can carry out in this blockchain network.

Agreements on how to operate any transaction in the TELOS blockchain network.
⭐ An ecosystem or blockchain network, to work any type of company with its records and operations (eg Real Estate, business, education, professions, financial, investors, hospitals, administration, security, health, voting elections, governments of countries, entities of governments, transport, science, games, or any kind for program developers, etc.
⭐ TELOS Blockchain, has Horizontal and Vertical Scalability (It is the capacity and support in software infrastructure to adapt to the growing number of users, transactions, records).


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