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It was snowing that day when I decided to kill the person who murdered my wife. After getting the gun inside the car I went back to the hospital and pointed the gun to my wife's killer. He kept crying like he was begging for mercy, even as the nurse told me to stop. I still pulled the trigger and the killer was killed instantly, he had just been born and now dead again.

This world is a dark place it is the playing field of the devil. Not all the good things they do is really good these things they do is just an illusion to cover up the dark things they really do under the nose of this society.

Here are some deep web stories:

Human Experiment
"HUMAN XXX" is a hidden website in the dark web that allows visitors to view videos of people being subjected to a bunch of disgusting human experimentation. In order to enter this site visitors need to pay bitcoins. Some say this site is fake other's believe its real.

Animal Crush
Some sites in the dark web were made to satisfy the dark weird fetishes of some people. For example animal crushing, some sites in the dark web provides videos of girls wearing heels stomping live animals like rabbits, cats and others to death. It is real and some of this sites were even shutdown by the FBI.

Red Room
I would like to say this is fake but for entertainment I will talk about it. Like the human experimentation site, Red Room is an alleged site in the dark web where you can watch a live stream of people being tortured to death.


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