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NESARA is a Myth

By Energymancer | Energymancer | 20 Apr 2021

The question that has been plaguing me for a while; Is the whole story of NESARA a myth. The National Economic Security and Reform Act(NESARA) was purportedly passed by Congress and the Senate in 1999 and signed by then-President Clinton in Oct 2000, just before leaving office.
One of the many things that make me doubt the story of NESARA is that Congress passed the bill with a contingent of Special Forces standing in the chamber, forcing a unanimous vote at gunpoint, then going to the Whitehouse and forcing President Clinton to sign it into law. If this is true, then it is not a law. It would have been a coup of the military. If the military had forced the vote, they would have announced the passage later that day; no announcement came from the Whitehouse or Congress.
The story also went on on September 11, 2001; the law was to be made public. The Twin Towers attack caused President Bush not to announce the NESARA act. How convenient the disclosure date was the most significant terror attack in US history.
Chief Justice Roberts's continuing story took the only copy of the bill and issues a gag order is not plausible. There would have been several copies of the bill in Congress because the Congressional Representative and the Senators would have had to read it before voting on the bill. The Special Forces in the Oval Office would have taken it with them for safekeeping and show to the world so that part of the story falls apart.
I got a copy of the bill; No representative presented it to Congress; Congress never voted on it. President Clinton did not sign it into law. These are facts that I have verified in the Congressional records of 1998 - 2000. Those who missed the civics lessons on how a bill becomes law will give a quick synopsis. A Congressional Representative presents a bill to the house. It is read into the Minutes of the house. The bill is then sent to the appropriate committees for comments and any other clarifications the committee believes are necessary. The house votes on the bill; the vote totals are recorded in the House minutes. If the bill passes, it is sent to the Senate to be discussed and voted on. If both houses pass the bill, it is sent to the president to be signed. If the president vetoes, it is sent back to the house and Senate for an override vote. If the veto vote successful or the president signs the bill, a civil servant writes the enforcement code for the bill. The Enforcement code is the law that must be obeyed.
As I stated earlier, there is no mention of the NESARA in the house records; there is no HR number and no history of any NESARA vote. The NESARA is a great idea. I doubt it would make it to a vote in the house. NESARA would bankrupt Banks, Mortgage companies, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, and the industries that serve them the next day. These industries have very powerful lobbyists that would prevent Congress from passing anything near the NESARA bill.
Please fact-check me. My source is CONGRESS.GOV. If you have a source that can prove Congress and the Senate passed the bill, and President Clinton signed it, please let us know.

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