2019 August Newsletter

By Energi | Energi | 13 Sep 2019

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations

- Nikola Tesla

Monthly Community Update


Energi Announcements 


Earndrop update 

Earndrop rounds will be coming to a close later this month. For participants in Rounds 2 & 3, please watch your email inbox (and spam folder) for instructions on how and when to log into the Earndrop portal to complete your outstanding KYC or social media tasks, and provide other required information such as a valid wallet address. Round 4 is a bonus Earndrop that Energi generously added to the initial campaign, and for this Round, we have been building a waitlist of potential participants since 2018. We will send out email notifications in waves, in the order in which people signed up to the waitlist.  

This ensures fairer participation in the Earndrop and a fair distribution of NRG. The earlier you were on the waitlist, the earlier you'll receive the notification and access to Round 4. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox (and spam folder) for the Round 4 notification from [email protected]

We suggest that you whitelist this email address and exclude it from your spam filters. Once you receive it, we suggest you read the instructions and register as soon as you can as there are limited slots available. 

TL;DR version: Keep a watch out for Earndrop notification emails from Energi this month!! (September 2019).



In August, Energi officially entered into the Top 50 coins on Coin Market Cap. Another milestone achieved. We would like to say a massive thanks to our Energi Community for your continued support! 

You can visit our Coin Market Cap page by clicking here.


Energi 3.0 Coin Migration FAQ

We put together an article, clarifying and answering frequently asked questions around the upcoming Energi 3.0 Coin Migration. You can read the full article by clicking on this link: http://nrg.click/news_migration_faq


EBI Security Guide 

Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI) has recently put out a great, new Security Guide. Read through it to find out some important information about what to look out for on Discord, what we do to protect our community and how to help protect yourself in the crypto world: http://nrg.click/news_security_guide


EBI Conman Bounty 

On top of Security Guide above, our Energi Bureau of Investigations Team has recently announced a reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of a scammer known as "Bashful". To learn more about this bounty, visit the link: http://nrg.click/news_nrg_bounty


Current Staking Rewards 

Here are the current estimated staking rewards at Energi. For more information on how to stake NRG please click here: http://nrg.click/news_staking_guide. Please note that these are estimates and check the current date as this can change daily.


Current Masternodes Rewards

Here are the current estimated Masternode rewards at Energi. For more information on how to stake NRG please click here: http://nrg.click/masternodes. Please note that these are estimates and check the current date as this can change daily.


Treasury Funds Generated 

The power of the Energi $NRG treasury continues to shine! Check out how the Energi treasury compares to other top cryptocurrencies with similar treasury models. This self-funding system has allowed us to already scale to a ~50 person team, all with no ICO and no premine.



Energi Interviews



TommyWorldPower, the creator of Energi, has interviewed with Nicholas Merten of DataDash! Tommy speaks on many topics including why he created Energi, the self-funding treasury, and upcoming plans with Energi 3.0. Check out the full interview here: http://nrg.click/news_datadash_tommy



Energi has been featured on TheBitcoinPodcast! Energi President, Ryan Lucchese, joins TheBitcoinPodcast to talk in-depth about how Energi started, the technical details of the upcoming NRG coin migration, and much more. Listen here: http://nrg.click/news_tbp_energi



Energi in the News!

Mr. Kristof has made an entire video on Energi, covering some recent updates as well as staking and masternode information. Watch here: http://nrg.click/news_mr_kristof


Crypto Zombie has recently covered some Energi updates as well. K-Dub covers the upcoming NRG coin migration, our growing treasury, Energi Defense, and Energi Impact. Watch here: http://nrg.click/news_zombie.



Work for Energi

Ever thought of yourself as a digital nomad? Have you been looking for a job you can do anywhere there’s an internet connection? Energi is a fully distributed, remote team and we are always adding top-notch talent to our team. We look for extremely sharp and skilled individuals from different professional backgrounds. If you believe you have what it takes, we currently have multiple positions posted on our job portal.


That concludes our update for August. If you enjoy this content follow us, so you can keep up to date with all the latest news from us. You can also visit our website or follow our social media channels on the links below. 


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