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The game that gives almost a 170% APR

By Endangeredcrypto | EndangeredCrypto | 28 Aug 2021

The game, Splinterlands, is providing an incredible  APR. Visiting the official website, in the SPS section (the little white gem on the top right of the screen), shows (at the time of this writing) a 167% APR on SPS. This was over 200% last week. The more people that commit SPS for interest gains (staking) the lower the interest becomes. So as the game picks up popularity, we will see this number continue to drop. But it's still an excellent time to grab whatever earnings you can. The caveat is, that if big withdrawals are made (which may happen as the APR continues to drop) we'll see it spike again.



So what is SPS?

SPS is the game Splinterlands' governance token. SPS was only recently introduced, and there is now conducting a year-long airdrop to active users All that is required to participate in the airdrop is the possession of Splinterlands assets. This will allow your Splinterlands account to get daily SPS airdrops. we're about a month into the 12 month airdrop, so there's still plenty of time to participate.  SPS is available for purchase through individual sales or on exchanges like Hive-Engine.

And what the heck is Splinterlands?!


Splinterlands is a trading & combat card game where players pit themselves against each other with pre-made decks of cards with varying abilities and deck it out on a board. The cards themselves are tradeable and hold value, and contribute towards your "collection score" which affects your SPS airdrop.



How can I get started in Splinterlands?

If you're interested in getting started, you can visit this link, and purchase a spellbook, which costs $10. With this investment you become eligible to earn DEC & Cards in rewards which contribute towards your airdrop score. $10 dollars is a paltry sum to get started in this, compared to the eye watering costs of other NFT games, and even traditional card games which can cost between 50 - 250 dollars just to get started with enough cards to be competitive.

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