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Before the advent of web 2 e-commerce, virtual marketplaces, electronic payment & home delivery which is the norm today the closest thing for convenience was Hudson Bay Company's 1881 mail order catalogue, at a time when department stores were located in urban areas to reach potential customers in remote rural locations the only way to do so was by mail order catalogues. Then came checkout lanes, cashiers, cash registers and cash transactions which evolved into the addition of credit & debit card transactions at the in-store cash register & due to minimum wage increase & the increased hourly cost of labor came self-service checkouts at grocery stores. But today in the Asian city-state of Singapore which has become a hub for electronic payment & where electronic payment is commonplace, Digital Treasures Center Pay (DTCPay) has set the stage for an additional new form of electronic online & in-store payment by integrating fiat currency & cryptocurrency making physical in-store checkout cryptocurrency transactions & online virtual checkout cryptocurrency transactions the new reality set to shape in-store & online financial transactions with the launch of a payment system giving consumers the option to pay for goods with both fiat currency or cryptocurrencies Tether, Ethereum & BTC at a physical in-store checkout or online at a virtual checkout.

Digital Treasures Center Partnerships

Digital Treasures Center Pay has partnered with Chinese-based open-source blockchain PlatON to create a privacy-protected digital infrastructure ensuring Singapore's commitment to consumer protection & Digital Treasures Center Pay has partnered with Allinpay to create smart terminals & a digital interface, Allinpay is an overseas payment company & based in China and both PlatON & Allinpay along with U.S Publicly Traded Company Coinbase & U.S-based tech company Ripple are registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Singapore is looking into the potential of a CBDC which definitely opens a potential door for Soramitsu but the MAS has indicated that at present there is "no urgent use case" for a CBDC & keep in mind that the Bank of Canada has previously stated that they will issue CBDC if retail CBDC becomes widespread the Bakong project CBDC has gained widespread use in Asia, China, the E.U & their member nation Britain definitely are in favor of a retail CBDC as cashless has been crowned king in Europe cash still remains king with merchants & consumers in Canada which I have mentioned a lot in previous posts but at present Canada like Singapore has no urgent use case for a retail CBDC. But Tonghua International the parent company of Allinpay International stated that the partnership of Allinpay International & Digital Treasures Center Pay is a means to assist both online & in-store merchants adopt contemporary payment method trends & meet the needs of the touch-of-a-button young consumers of the microwave culture.

Digital Treasures Pay Track Record

DTCPay previously secured an agreement with the London, UK-based Sumsub as a provider of services for Sumsub's Know Your Customer (KYC) digital wallet. Additionally DTCPay gained recognition November 2022 as a cryptocurrency & blockchain startup participant in Mastercard's Start Path a six-month global engagement program designed to help promising global startups scale, enter new markets, access new technologies & access MasterCard's expertise.

The Future In-Store Experience 

As technology advances rapidly Singapore has emerged as an Asian city state committed to ongoing digital payment innovation & DTCPay has created a global trend which is  cryptocurrency integration into financial services such as the in-store experience, even with the contemporary dine-in & take-out quick service restaurant experience McDonald's for instance introduced the concept of kiosk orders & payments where customers can customize their orders electronically on-screen & pay at the kiosk & collect their in-store kiosk order which eliminates point-of-sale orders & counter clerks manually processing payments & now due to minimum wage increase & the cost of labor per hour increase to cut costs some quick service restaurants have gone 100% kiosk order & kiosk payment where counter clerks only hand the order to the customer which streamlines the in-store quick service order & payment process and Doordash for instance streamlines the take out process if customers desire to place, customize & pay for their orders electronically via an app, track prep & cooking progress, track order delivery progress, receive a notification when the driver has arrived & the customer can simply collect their order at their own doorstep to avoid the hustle & bustle nature of the in-store quick service restaurant experience & then what began in Seattle & even spread from Seattle to London UK is the concept of Amazon Go which streamlined the in-store trend by eliminating physical in-store point-of-sale cash registers, counter clerks & slow-moving long lines at checkout lanes. The future in-store experience is moving in the route of being fully self-service, eliminating face-to-face human interaction between in-store associates, cashiers & customers as the customer becomes their own own checkout & all it takes is the integration of cryptocurrency as a kiosk payment method in addition to fiat currency & the in-store experience goes to another level of innovation & furthermore DTCPay aims to integrate additional cryptocurrencies in the future along with Tether, Ethereum & BTC. DTCPay is making a mark in the consumer culture of Singapore that will never be erased & will be a foundation where others build upon with their building blocks of innovation paving the way for technology to integrate cryptocurrency transactions into quick service restaurant kiosks as quick service restaurants, department store shopping & financial transactions ultimately shifts from the physical shopping mall, to the web2 shopping mall & ultimately to the new shopping mall of web3.


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