Bounty Hunter Space Guild- NFT with Utility

By arblu3 | _emptyspace_ | 13 Jan 2022

Recently I purchased a Bounty Hunter from the BHSG collection. Near floor price for a listing that ranked well above floor. 


I was quite pleased.

But what I preferred was the opportunity I felt I was buying into.

The art is topnotch as far as NFT characters go. And I was able to buy in at a price I felt comfortable with assuming no appreciation. This didn't even include the extras.

First of all the lore is incredible. Combined with the beautiful art, it truly makes the experience immersive. Here is a video to introduce the Universe.

Gets me hyped! The rest is just the icing on top of the cake for me!

Anyway, sales of the Bounty Hunters will help fuel a DAO, allowing participants voting rights on initiatives, making this a true community project. 

Bounty Hunter Space Guild lets NFT holders into the broader the Bounty Guild Universe. Now that I am one the the lucky 5555 users that own a Bounty Hunter, I will be able to earn $BNTY as its own currency by staking my Bounty Hunter. 

Now according to their roadmap, Bounty Hunter holders will be airdropped an spaceship that will grant access to an armory where weapons will be equippable to earn even more $BNTY and be used to complete missions. Blasters and $BNTY should be accessible during Q1 of 2022 and the ships will be available sometime in Q2, making it an exciting time for a new holder. Busts and 3D models are expected to be released in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with additional merchandise coming out in the 3rd quarter.

I like this move from a business perspective but wonder if it will be enough to continue to spur development internally for the Guild as I assume the funds will be used to create new additions to the Universe. I do like the forward planning though and am sure there will be plenty of excitement surrounding the Bounty Hunters, keeping sales high. 

Only time will tell if this NFT project can go the distance but they have added some innovative pieces to the puzzle. We will have to see how development goes according to the roadmap to see if the Team can fulfill their plans, to get some indication as to the future success of the project.

As always thanks for reading!

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