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By ChippahFawkYeah | EmotionsRunDeep | 17 Apr 2020

Welcome to my blog! I am very happy to be here, and very honored to have a chance to get to speak to all of you. Let me tell you how I got here, to investing in the most promising asset class of the future.


It all started with an app called Sweatcoin. This is an app that tracks the amount of steps you take throughout the day, and converts them into Sweatcoins (SWC). Well, my noob brain decided this was that cryptocurrency stuff I had been hearing about, since it had the word "coin" attached to the end of it; and its honestly embarrassing how many people I told that Sweatcoin could make them a millionaire eventually if they would just download the app and start collecting through walking, something they no doubt already did every day anyway. 

If you know anything about cryptocurrency, you already know Sweatcoin can never be an ERC-20 token because nobody gives a crap (or more accurately, finds value) in the steps you take every day. So, all these people that I got really excited about Sweatcoin are now angry with me, because a lot of them went on walks they never would have went on if they weren't expecting that walk to make them a poop-ton of money in the future. I had to eat that loss.




Then came........PI NETWORK!! THIS was going to be my meal-ticket, so I thought. Imagine it-my reputation for giving good information, already severely hampered by putting my neck out for Sweatcoin, a company that never took their blockchain dreams seriously to begin with. But now I was going to redeem myself, with an app that could mine cryptocurrency from your phone. YES. Everybody in the app's chat room was feverish with excitement, and so was I. People all around me were saying each of these Pi coins (which literally didn't even exist yet, by the way, since we were still in phase 1/3, pre-genesis) were going to be worth up to $10/piece one day!

SO the people in my life gave me one more chance. I still to this day can't decide if I wasted their time and energy and hopes or not, since Pi is still only in Phase 2. We shall see. I am now a skeptic with things that are free and have millions of users, because if I have learned anything in cryptocurrency, its that you have to put out money to make money. In most cases anyway.


I finally got so sick of not making money, while hearing about everybody else making loads of money, that I decided I was going to buy some REAL cryptocurrency. I happened to have a friend who showed me the ropes a little bit. 


And then one day it happened. The night before, I had invested my first $100 into Bitcoin. The next day, that $100 was now $104, and I freaking LOST IT!!

And you see, that's what this blog is all about. That emotional surge we feel when we watch our favorite crypto climb in price, pay off for us, fulfill dreams and add value to our lives.

That day, when I watched my bitcoin climb $4, was the day my life changed forever. It wasn't just $4 to me. A whole new world of possibilities opened up. I immediately became more patient, more willing to take risks, more studious, more ambitious, not as lazy, future-thinking, etc.

Guys, cryptcurrency has CHANGED me. It has done numerous positive things to my emotional psychology, and I am here to give people this perspective just in case they never looked at it like this before. Sure there is money to be made in cryptocurrency, but in my eyes, there is so much more to be had just by being in this space.

I'm here to connect with people. I would LOVE to hear in the comments what kind of emotions you felt, the day you had your first "win" in cryptocurrency. Or, what kind of life lessons has investing taught you? 

Inversely, this can be just as much about the losses you've taken, and the lessons THOSE have taught you.

I am very excited to be here!

Matthew <3

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This is a blog about the roller-coaster of emotions experienced when we have both major wins and major losses in cryptocurrency investing. Come here to relate, find comfort, or find fanatical elated empathy in your recent earnings! Crypto is FUN above all!

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