By Emi1617 | Emisfaucets | 10 Dec 2020

Probably one of the best known faucets now but I figured I would write my experience with every faucet I use, and this is one of them. I'll tell you right off the bat that I like this faucet, although the website glitches majorly on my tablet and on my phone. So if you are primarily using it via mobile I would definitely suggest getting the app. It runs so much smoother.

Now there was a time when I actually was having trouble with Cointiply. It wouldn't let me log in. But customer service was very responsive and extremely helpful as far as that goes. It was for the most part as simple as switching which internet browser I was using.


Apparently Chrome just isn't very compatible with their website in general and they recommend using Safari or Firefox. I switched to Firefox and then found I needed to reset my password anyway lol but I was able to login then. The PTC links had a lot of trouble actually working online via mobile in general so if you want to get the most out of this faucet via mobile or tablet definitely get the app.

Now keeping in mind that I haven't been using the app every day I have probably been getting in every once a week or so and I have 3,338 coins. To put that in perspective, I've had the app for less then a month. Their limit for "cashing out" is 30,000 coins. And you can chose to cash out via doge or bitcoin. 

Also, I'd like to note that they have a points system in place so 3,338 coins are not equal to the amount of satoshi earned. They do list what your coins are equivalent to at the top when you go to withdraw/deposit. I've logged in and gained a few coins since I first started writing this (I like to multitask and stay busy lol) so it says my 3,378 coins are worth 0.00001860 BTC or about $0.34. They do also double as a sort of wallet and say that you can earn 5% per year on 35,000 coins or more. 


My personal plan for this particular wallet/faucet is to get 70,000 coins before I test it by moving half and then leave the other coins and see if they accrue interest or not. I'm sure they will as I've seen no signs of a potential scam but I like to test things to the end regardless. 

This program is not a scam and I will update this article on its payouts, how long they take, and the 5% they offer for a year having those coins stored there.

*Look forward to Part 2 😊* 

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Hi guys, I'm Emily, I'm a mother and entrepreneur at heart. I'm young but I've been through all walks of life and have experience in cryptocurrencies as well as affiliate marketing, blogging, advertising, and direct sales companies. I like to stay busy.


I'll write a review about my experience with the Crypto faucets I am testing. If/when they pay out a few times I will include a referral link for anyone who would like to try them.

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