Waiting for ChiFiBots: Digital Trading Card Game

By emily2u | emily2u | 12 Mar 2022

Reclaiming my time, life and sanity by cutting down on my workload, one of the things that I had wanted to do in 2022 is to explore the world of online games. I missed the chance with Axie Infinity, and not going to miss Pegaxy. Having established my Sure Win Stables with five pegasus in two months, it's time to check out other games that are being launched. This time, I wow to be first in line and hop on from the very beginning.


On the horizon is ChiFiBots, a soon-to-be-launched digital trading card game by NFT Studios that will transport us to the year 2080, far into the future. The storyline of this card game has it that the planet has been taken over by Chibi Fighter Robots or ChiFiBots in short after humans were extinct in 2030 in an event known as the WipeOut Day when Earth was blasted to smithereens by not one, not two, but a series of meteors. Oh my, that is a nightmare, should it happen for real.

But in the metaverse, get your ChiFiBots ready to battle against bosses and other gamers to see who comes up on top in the Cosmos as the RULER.


At this point of writing, ChiFiBots is fundraising through Indiegogo, so that enough funds are available to engage a game programmer who can make ChiFiBots digital trading card game a reality. Everything is already set, except to turn it into a game that can be played online on any browser. The target to raise is US$25,000 in the form of contributions. So far, 6% from 14 backers of the total amount has been raised. There are still 45 days to go for this campaign. This campaign will receive all funds that have been raised even if it does not reach its funding goal at the end of the campaign period.

In addition to the contribution, early investors can also ape into the game as an early bird by selecting to claim one of the eight perks, which range from $10 to $61,410 each. Only available during this limited-time IndieGoGo campaign, investors will receive exclusive access to these unique assets, some of which will not be reproduced, to keep their value high.

Although I lack experience in the world of online games in general, I can immediately tell that ChiFiBots is going to be a fun game, especially if we battle among friends, No hard feelings, eh? With such impressive graphics, epic storyline, unique gameplay, and a strong team, ChiFiBots will smash it, no doubt. Honestly, if I had the spare cash, I would definitely pick up the Alpha Alliance Founder perk that's priced at US$50,000. I believe that if I was at the top, I would enjoy the game MORE! Hohoho!!


You can also read about the mechanics of this ChiFiBots Indiegogo campaign on this page. Perhaps you can let me know which perk you are keen to claim! As I said, my dream is to get the Alpha Alliance Founder but realistically, I can only afford Day One MVP that's priced at $50. Still, it's not a shabby perk at all, as it offers us free access to Alpha testing. The pack comes with all the characters required to play ChiFiBots in classic mode, such as two of each Brutes, Gladiators and Technicians. Indiegogo exclusive promo packs are thrown in as well. That's good enough for the small-time investor that I am.


ChiFiBots is set to launch around July this year and truth be told, I can't wait to get into the game. But first, let me secure my Alpha access first. Will let you know how the game goes when I start playing it.

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