Will I Ever Feel Right?

Will I Ever Feel Right?

Will I ever feel right?

I do try with all my might,

Will I ever fit in?

With this society I live in,

Will I ever feel I belong?

Finally stop feeling so wrong.


Will the pain ever ease?

The pain that likes to bite,

At my bones, at my mind and at my soul,

Completely ravishing my spirit and might.


Not forgetting is the worst,

The memories I fear,

The thoughts so severe,

I feel like I am cursed.


The anger I feel is intense,

The darkness torments,

I feel a descent,

The sadness is too immense.

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Emerald Witch
Emerald Witch

Irish mammy and wife 💚🇮🇪


These are the poems I have written throughout the years and any new ones I write. I don't write often and only usually write poetry when I am depressed. Hope someone enjoys them. 💚

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