My Backyard

The Beginning




I have big plans for our backyard, we have already done loads, but now I've come up with an idea so we can grow veg... I'm going to build a massive planter using pallet wood, I reckon I could do it, but while I am mad to do DIY stuff I'm not very good.




The lavender I bought, but they were left in the little pots a bit too long, and they didn't look too good when I put them into these pots.


Lavender GIF


The only survivor. I'm going to leave the others in the pots because I've been told lavender comes back, I'm doubtful, but we'll see.




This is my little greenhouse... Someday I will have a lovely Victorian style greenhouse, but for now this will do the job. I plan on getting a bigger, cheap plastic one.




One of two aloe vera plants.


Blueberry GIF


My blueberry bush, it may be a long time before we get a proper berry.




I got a new bird feeder and the birds love it, it is full of birds all day, my son gets so excited when he sees them.

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