Bunratty Folk Park

Bunratty Castle & Folk park, County Clare.





It was our third wedding anniversary, and we decided to go to Bunratty folk park for the day, we went here for our first anniversary but couldn't go for our second because of covid BS. The first thing we were greeted with was these adorable little kids.




There were loads of these lovely goat babies about the place.




I didn't go into the castle, I had the baby in the buggy, and I've seen this castle loads since I was a child, my husband brought our toddler around the castle grounds, but he's still a bit young for all the big stone steps.




I think this is a chicken coop, I'm not sure, but this is the area where the chickens hang around.




You can't really tell from the photo, but these chickens are HUGE, way bigger than a normal chicken.




All the lovely houses at the park have a story, some are examples of house, some are replicas, some are reconstructed and at least one is re-erected (I'm not sure what that means though 🤔)




This is the where the pigs are supposed to be, I was really disappointed when there was no sign of them. Thankfully, I stuck my head into the little house.


Pigs GIF


These pigs were here when we came for our first anniversary, and they were way smaller and were a deeper pink... they have grown quite a lot. 




It is so beautiful here, we had such a good day, the baby slept the whole time and our toddler ran around shouting "Fun, fun" and "Friend, friend" to all the animals, everywhere has been closed for so long we haven't been able to bring him anywhere, so it was the first real day out since before lockdown. Seeing our son having so much fun and so happy really made the day great.





We plan on buying a membership and coming here more often because it is such a nice place to come to for a few hours.


Water GIF


If you're visiting the west of Ireland, you should really come visit Bunratty castle and folk park, especially if you have kids.




More photos to come.

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