Armada Farm #5

Ponies and Alpacas




I love horses and ponies, I worked in a horse stable when I was 15 for nearly 2 years. Having the ponies, alpacas and chickens makes visiting the farm so much more fun, especially for the children.




The little fowls have got much bigger since they first got here.




They are also much friendly and less skittish.




Most animals look cuter when babies, but I think horses and ponies look more beautiful when fully grown, they are a bit awkward and gangly as fowls.




The alpacas aren't the friendliest, they're nosey enough to come over but never close enough to rub them or feed them grass. I like the look of the black one, he is very 60s looking, the white one on the other hand looks like a dickhead and always looks like he is about to spit at us.




I'll get to rub them before the end of the year... I won't give up, eventually they will come over close enough.

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Emerald Witch

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Photos from around the emerald isle ☘️

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