Armada Farm #4





The farm got a few new ponies and 2 alpacas. They are funny looking guys.




This little fella is gorgeous, I love the piebald colouring on horses and ponies. He was very friendly too.




This is the lip curling I was on about, if you are feeding a horse from your hand you should make sure it is very flat, so the horse doesn't accidentally get you, those teeth are big and strong.




It was the craziest thing, it was the hottest day of the year, when we were at our house the sun was blazing in a perfect blue sky`. We drove to the next town where our allotment is, and I think we drove into a cloud or something, it became gloomy and cold with a mist in the air. The temperature dropped 10 degrees while we were in this town and when we drove home it was again like summer.




I don't think the white alpaca liked us, he looks like he's going to spit on us... do alpaca's spit at people??


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