A Letter to Once My World, Helena

By TheBetterMe | The Better Me Blog | 12 Feb 2021

How have you been all this time? Do you still remember me? Do you still remember the times when we’re together? All the smiles and laughter we’ve shared together, all the memories of love, pain, sacrifice and suffering? Does your heart aches at the thought of me? Of us? I hope not. I want you to live a happy life despite what happened between us.

I hope you already forgot all the times our body has made love with each other. I hope you don’t remember the times our lips has brushed against each other. How your heartbeats resonates with mine. How you’ve always wanted to hear my voice because it calms the chaos in your minds.

I have always loved you so much. More than anything. You are above everything for me. But as love is more powerful than any mighty kings and queens, it can either build us or destroy us. I have loved you to the point I forgot to love myself. It has always been you and you alone, that I had left nothing for me. I was so enchanted by your beauty, I forgot I must also be loved. It feels like you had put me under your spell that it’s too late for me to realize that it was me who voluntarily become a slave of your wicked soul. I gave every piece of me to you, but instead of arranging it accordingly, you’ve wasted it. You left it to places I am not familiar with, that it took everything of me just to get back the pieces together. I have muster the courage to face all the demons in those places. I have battled all my fears, disappointments and I had to let go of who I was once, to finally emerge victorious to all the wars you had put me, unprepared.

All those smiles and laughter that we’ve shared together, all the memories of love, pain, and sacrifice, was all just a game for you. I was someone bewildered by your beauty, that you took advantage of it. That time, you are someone who got pleasured from all my sacrifices and downfall. My tears became your smile. My wounds, your healing. I won't ask you if somehow, at one point, you had love me. Maybe I have felt it for a moment, but now, I know for myself that it was all just a lie. An act. I was so blinded by your presence.

You were once my world, Helena. I don’t want to see the world I had once loved and built in exchange for my happiness be destroyed. I’ve been told you regretted everything. This letter is just to remind you that I have long forgiven you. I am happy now. I hope you are too. I have long forgotten all the wounds you had carved on my heart and soul. I am healed now, Helena. Writing this letter would be the last time I’m going to remember all the memories of you.


Yours Truly,




This is a work of fiction. Any events, characters and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or actual events, are purely coincidental.  


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