Alien - digital art

Alien - digital art

By Elvisxx71 | elvisart | 20 Sep 2021

We start the week with one of my favourite characters, the alien.
I published one last week and today I want to propose another one, scary, with a very big head and many long and sharp teeth.


It has a terrifying look and ice eyes. He has 4 fingers on his hands and 3 toes that look a lot like a dinosaur's.
This is a really beautiful model and rendering it was fun.


I focused mainly on the lighting set up, in the two full body images I placed the light source on the side of the subject, while in the close up I wanted to light the face from the front to show it in all its details.


In post production I worked on lights and shadows trying to highlight the scaliness of the skin.

See you soon,

The drawing is by the author ©

Sorry if my English is not perfect!

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I am an italian digital artist. I make 3d illustrations and photography.


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