Communication - A key to Long Distance Relationship

By El.Vin | El.Vin | 29 Aug 2020

Long Distance Relationship (LDR), does anyone wants to be in this kind of relationship? I bet no one wants it. But almost everyone is forced to be in this situation. Regardless of what the reason is, it can be anything, might be work, business, or there's a lot to choose from.

In my own opinion, proper communication is the key. The key to not lose the one you love. The key to keep his/her trust. The key to his/her heart.

Just spending few hours texting, calling or even video chat - that is already a proper communication, you just need to make it count. There's a lot of way to communicate nowadays due to evolution of technology, so there is no excuse.

So, if you want to keep him/her, both of you should communicate. Add a bit of trust and sweetness and you might be able to keep him/her forever.

This is just my own opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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