What makes the Elven coin unique?

By Ishaan Goyal | Elven Coin Project | 21 Jun 2021

Elven coin is unique in many respects. We already know that it has good fundamentals. But here we are talking of the factors which make its market cap stable with a possibility to take it to the moon.

The project is supported by quality products and services. It has its own social media platform: Poziturbo, an advertising platform: ElvenLand, and a marketplace: Levelnaut.biz, where people create and sell unique content and technologies. 

Getting to the gist of this story, Elven is supported by other cryptocurrencies.

It is supported by four other cryptocurrencies. These are all pegged against the Elven coin. Each of these supporting tokens has a unique function. But in all, they are there to anchor the value of the Elven coin. 

They are -

Lerta: Token created to promote educational content creation. The content that teaches people about cryptocurrencies and investments. Lerta is used to reward content creators.

Elven10: This unique coin can only be earned by participating in our social platform called Poziturbo. Just make a group on Poziturbo.com, keep it active and earn monthly rewards in Elven10 coins.

Cryst: This notable cryptocurrency, also called “positive crystals, can be bought or earned at ElvenLand or one can get them from our magic field.

Fourth Coin: We will not reveal the actual name of this coin as it is under development. It will be used to buy real estate only. 

The supporting coins will increase the value of the Elven coin. Some of these coins may be purchased on exchanges, some could be earned, some may be internal tokens only used by members.

In essence, these four coins will increase the trading volume of Elven coin, thereby increasing its value. This is an innovation of its kind— no wonder why you should get interested in Elven coin.

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Elven Coin Project
Elven Coin Project

Elven cryptocurrency is created on the Tron blockchain. This is how a smart contract looks like https://tronscan.io/#/token/1003826 At the moment, the Elven cryptocurrency is already used in the work of several projects of the Levelnaut company. Several more new projects will be connected soon.

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