Elrond or not?

Elrond or not?

By Andrei IbSoul | Elrond | 26 Apr 2021

What we know about Elrond Network and EGLD?

I do not know if you are already in the project but let me tell you more about this gem.



          For the moment, we have this: 

         1. Massively Scalable
         2.Secure Proof of Stake (PoS)
         3.Elrond VM


         For the moment, we realise that Elrond Network is fast and cheap...How fast and cheap? Exactly the fastest and the cheapest maybe in the world.


         I am not a financial adviser, but let me point something out...

         Proof of Stake, also known as PoS, it's the miracle of the tehnology. Combine that with being part in the most revolutionary project.

                Let's see this:


                         You can earn between 15% -19% anually just based on the amount of EGLD you have! Sounds nice to me, right?




                         But this is not all! Let's analyse the price fluctuation during the last BTC correction!


                                  What we will see? Exactly, the price came back and the fluctuation in general was not that large. Why?

                                                                   Let's look inside the Elrond mobile wallet named Maiar:



                                                                                63,66% from the current supply is staked!


          Is it important? Yeah! This is the road to descentralization, to the most secured network and also the biggest tip to invest in! Why?

          If you delegate your EGLD, you can undelegate them after 10 days! This is a lot, yeah. So this is contributing to the $2,971,489,009 Market Cap value.

                                                                                  The more they stake, the bigger the price. 


Get your Maiar App using this link to get a small 10$ from me and be prepared for the future updates! The future is here, do your own research as I do and at the end of the day, look at what you bought!

 https://get.maiar.com/referral/j3ba2pha1a  - it is never to late, but the future is now...

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Andrei IbSoul
Andrei IbSoul

- What do you see here? - The future!! - But it is just crypto... - I know!


This blog is about Elrond in general. I would not copy-paste any info and I am not offering any financial advise. Do your own research, as I do.

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