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MultiversX updates

MultiversX - 300 Millions transactions

By CryptoCata | multiversX | 3 Mar 2023

Hello reader! MultiversX just passed 300 Million transactions!

MultiversX (previously Elrond) is preparing lots of upgrades on all it's products starting with the end of last year. We are on the half of the upgrade list time schedule. Last major upgrade was for the xPortal app - a few days ago, you can check the app out here.

What's next? Check out the list below:

🔹xExchange - Dec 10 ✅
🔹xSpotlight - Jan 17 ✅
🔹MultiversX Explorer - Jan 31 ✅
🔹MultiversX Wallet - Feb 14 ✅
🔹xPortal - Feb 28 ✅
🔹MultiversX Bridges - Mar 15 ⌛
🔹xWorlds - Mar 29 ⌛
🔹xMoney - Apr 12 ⌛
🔹xFabric - Apr 26 ⌛
🔹xLaunchpad - May 16 ⌛

Next one in line is MultiversX Bridges in less than 2 weeks. It's time to see more projects coming on MultiversX blockchain from other chains. Transactions fee are small, fast and secure.

I've wrote recently a blog post about xPortal app and the opportunity that everyone has to get 3 NFTs for FREE! You just have to install it on your phone and play around with it's functions, read the blog post here.

I'm excited for all next scheduled updates and to explore each of them.

Let me know if you tried the xPortal app or if you explore any of the products from the list above that are checked.

It's time to explore.

PS. If you want you can use my referral code for the xPortal app: xj19h89oqk

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Newly to crypto and very enthusiast to find out more!


MultiversX (previously Elrond Network) it's a blockchain that uses a sharding architecture in order to process 15,000 TPS (transactions per second) and can scale even further to 263,000 TPS with their own mainnet. This is something impressive, as for example VISA is currently processing around 1,700 TPS. It seems this project has some potential so let's discover them together.

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