Without any rush

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 7 May 2022

let there be light
some light
if the exam goes wrong
if it has not been known how to break down the ray of
the ideas
let there be light
always light
dim sloppy austere minimalist
then we will separate the wheat and the grain
but let there be light
touching our eyes
of thought.
Always looking for the epic moment
urging insistently
in the blue pockets of the day
in vain search for existential sugar,
I would like -like the spider- to stop
mitigate the dreams of glory that in
They won't really make me happy.
I said that I would like to weave my abode
in the anonymous corners of time,
suspend the acrobatics of the self
for a moment.
Dwell in the detail.
without any rush
open a door or an umbrella
and stay on my feet
outside the universe.

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