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Too big to fail

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 28 Jan 2021

The American state and wall street are partners. The state vs. market dichotomy is a fallacy. The state is the guarantor and protector of the market. There is a centralized system with rules of the game by and for the powerful vs. open and decentralized system for everyone. It is worth remembering the phrase during the bank bailout in 2008: "Too big to fail."

When the vulture funds carried out a multi-million dollar campaign to boost Argentina's economy and profit from junk debt, spreading across an entire country, no one on Wall Street called for regulation. When they did the same with Puerto Rico, these people were silent.

That is why the importance of a monetary value that is not controlled by either of the two: Bitcoin. The real possibility of winning against capital as it cannot falsify value (via issuance) when it loses.

Of course, the real value of Bitcoin comes from the market. But I mean value as "importance" maybe I should have used another word, not referring to price.

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