The act of reading

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 2 Jun 2021

Why do we keep reading Gramsci?
Why do we keep reading Prévert,
Rimbaud, Mariátegui, Kafka?
If they all lost, they lost, they lost.
Why Víctor Hugo, Borges, Bolaño if they lost,
lost loudly, outrageously?
it is enough to show one eye a day
to realize that Kundera lost, lost, was defeated.
yes, barbarian, there is Shakespeare, there is Sor Juana, Wollstronecraft,
Brönte herself, so what? they also lost
they were all buried alive, powdered dead, dead.
It is enough to turn on any technological apparatus to understand it: Verne, Huidobro, they defeated.
just go outside and walk a few meters,
just talk to the neighbor or the doctor at the office No. 3,
to understand, badly that it weighs us, that the world
passed over them. yes, some have the marquee:
nice and lasting name, but they beat them anyway.
maybe the act of reading is another defeat,
be another way of accompanying the dead.
attention: they beat us all.
won the stupidity, the naked idiocy, the gluttony of the
who scratch their navel and spit just in case.
attention: we will continue reading.
attention: the defeated are those who have in their hands
all the future.

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