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Proof of address

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 23 Feb 2023

where do I live?
Here I live, ma'am,
I'm my house,

I am the door and the windows,
I am made of arms,
of legs
And I am an internal patio of scented organs,

My blood is the river where my birds drink
I am an ecosystem of sugars and salts
hard sand are my bones

And I have an illuminated vertebral avenue
On the other side of my chest
For her, girls walk without shoes

My head is my own pillow,
My ears, my back and its shadow:
Those, ma'am, are my bed

I live where I walk
Where are I living
Where I smile nazco

I move with me wherever I go
I get under my arm
When I'm coming back

where I live?
Here, Madam, in these hands.

I leave my proof of address on Earth:
It is me my house.

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