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My mind explodes

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 2 Mar 2023

The spell has been consummated.
The candles crackle as they burn,
the incense sails towards the sky...
My heart is the offering:
and my stomach, the pot of the spell.

The crucible of my mind explodes;
Thousands of particles fly in a whirlpool.
The sorceress dances around me,
She raises her arms to the sky
and she smiles...


Frantic metamorphosis of my brittle body in the wave.
Undulating vibration spread from bottom to top.
Lizard shedding skin from the oven towards the boiling sky;
orange ripening in my warm hand.
Dilated pupil on sensation;
blue emotion from my belly;
heart opening between light and shadow.
Amazed vision from night to day;
eye mutation, musical silence

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