Little dark pebbles

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 27 Apr 2022

In front of the writing the poet before the writing of a poem must problematize his word, the language and the origin of the text and its subsequent resolution.
He must put in crisis that infinite confidence that he gives to his writing, and not fall in love with his own poem.
He must reach into the abyssal depths of the tongue and pick up those little dark pebbles from the bottom and bring them to the surface.
He read too many poems written happily, without rigor, linearly, pure denotation without any connotation, without caring about the intelligence of the reader and his sensitivity.
I read too many banal, superficial poems, elaborated with elementary messages, with metaphors worn out by use and in disuse typical of the deluded.
Too many for my liking.
The poet must be aware of the semantic density of the word and its aesthetic, political, social and human implications.
We must always keep in mind that the word says what it says and also something else.

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