I wish so many times.

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 17 May 2021

Pleasure is a body that is defeated.
Yes. I wish all the meat fell.
That it falls as it should fall. How the world must fall
crowded with yes. With the human flower in its center.
With the maddened flower.
Let the heat that it does not sustain fall. Let the rage fall and float
of the seeds.
They will bloom under the skin. The seed? Finger? Do you see them?
This that grows in its roots is what dances in madness and happens to it.
Not the earth, not the world and humans. It was this.
And they were the insects! those nested between
red seeds. It was the temperature.
You saw them? they have danced. Did you see us? I wish so many times
in this house, in this room, tonight;
with the feathered flower of love.

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