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From today

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 9 Feb 2021

today I forgive myself
I reconcile
for all the dogs that I have loved
and they have died,
today I respect myself, I dispense the blame,
today the sun shines on my body
touches the bone marrow of the present days
that they are the only ones on the rise,
today I untie the string that bites my bones,
today I commit myself
until the day I go
because I'm always leaving
I am always arriving
snatched from dreams, always stumbling,
today I forgive myself
because my parents no longer breathe
because they are dead
transformed into nettles, dolphins, marine sponges,
because they can't touch doorknobs anymore
nor knock on doors
nor draw shadows from the patio tiles,
today I will be happy forever
For all those who can no longer smile I will smile angrily
always with joy,
today I forgive myself
I apologize
I reconcile
for my beloved dogs
for everything I loved and what I love
I commit myself in this time that my existence lasts
to break the strings of the impossible real,
and go out to take my own thing
to share what is mine,
from today I will not allow myself to forget
that I am only
no more no less
an extraordinary inhabitant of the cosmos.

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