A near death experience

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 26 Jan 2022

Let me tell you what emptiness feels like:
Nothingness is the concept by which
the subject deciphers the lack of meaning in the world
who has been thrown without explanation
Pull back the veil of what is presented
he discovers himself wandering in the midst of the fatal
yearns in the presence of otherness for complementarity
A near death experience
makes me think of your death: my own death
That jump off the cliff reminds us of what we love
The anguish in the face of the need to know what we are
Then the act of speaking to you because language made me human
I come to you, I mirror myself in you, I go into you
The man in search of meaning
Let me tell you what emptiness feels like:
Seven monologue epistolary years
Nobody on the other side is an icy whip
The strength of our echo where nothing remains
Writing can become an attack against oneself
In the knot of the poem a passage is crossed
harmful, disturbing, biting
from which one may not return
Purging the soul in writing as a healing exercise
stare into the abyss
if it doesn't end our existence
splits us from the inside out
You have to un:die of love
A cathedral organ clears the ghostly voices
that nest in the mind like incessant shadows
word, word, word
I bear the pain crossed in the word
Let me tell you what wholeness feels like:
Capture some pigeons through the camera lens
Your petrified face behind some columns
I shoot a photograph and you fade in my hands
in this desert or this land we inhabit
rhetorical figure, literary figure, hypothetical figure
grammatical figure, geometric figure, musical figure
reality is an illusion
Use the illusion as a magician
In the nights and in the heartbreak of life
In your wound: my wound
where you have to get lost to gather the fragments of yourself
Basically the substance
Who does not touch bottom perhaps does not ask
The risk is to be lost forever
But beyond all background there is another background
Let me tell you what wholeness feels like:
I am passionate about you the endless
The constant love in your creations
dreams stillness calm hope for tomorrow
Even in the chaos that takes root in you
in your house of old fears that you dust off daily
in your house that collapses in ruins that you rebuild in your body
The hand of the loved one in the hand
Being defies nothing
A part of us does not exist in this world
You don't need to go that far
the essence of knowledge lies within
Self-disclosure in my communion with you
What manifests from you in me
What I know of myself in your person as a prophetic truth
When I enter strong states where it's inevitable
music lifts my spirit
There we can meet: Pleni:lunio
Study the being, the other, the self
the gasp of naked and clothed language
in the fire that surrounds you: that surrounds me
on an apocalyptic moon of this uncertain time
in which the trumpets of angels sound
and there is fear in the human future
I follow the sun, truth that breaks the (ti)mist, the wall of time
Without the word I do not exist and nothing exists
I have faith in providence that found us
The energetic thread that unites us
What you call chance fate impulse conspirator
I spy on you in a memory behind that building
I look through a misted window
The whole versus the void or the void versus the whole
The human condition in the face of totality and emptiness

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