Waves Of Illusion is featured on Editorial Amazon Playlist

By Stranger Souma | Electronic Music | 5 Jan 2021

I remember when I first decided to produce Waves Of Illusion, the title was the first thing I was sure about. At that time, I wanted to create something different from what I am used to produce, and it obviously happened after several hours playing on my midi keyboard and tweaking all of its knobs. 

The day after, I asked my manager for feedback; she was amazed by the vibe that the sound gave her. Furthermore, she encouraged me to send it to labels outside of Morocco to have the opportunity to reach a new audience. And this is exactly what I did. 

My track is accepted by the Switzerland leading label in dance music “Sirup Music”. You can imagine how happy I was when I signed the contract! 

Waves Of Illusion, released on the 18th of September 2020

The track is supported by EDX, and by many other artists who played it in their sets. But the most amazing thing, just happened a couple of days ago, is that it was featured in New Year’s Eve official Amazon Music Playlist curated by Nora En Pure.  

Enough talking, play the music and enjoy the vibe ! Listen here

Get your copy now of Waves of Illusion : https://pinkstarblack.lnk.to/WavesofIllusion


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Stranger Souma
Stranger Souma

I am a DJ and Music Producer. Management/Marketing consultant. I don’t write a lot, but when I do it is about music

Electronic Music
Electronic Music

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