One of my passive earnings strategy

One of my passive earnings strategy

By Eizicoin | Eizicoin | 14 Jun 2020

One of my first passive income strategy that I love because this is my way to the crypto era 



Below I will explain how you can earn with a plan

😱 0.001 BTC per week 💸🎁


here you can earn bitcoin & crypto for free 💸👩🏼‍💻


Few Easy Steps to Earn 1000000BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH & Dogecoin satoshi:

Step 1

Create wallet for cryptocurrencies (for BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, Dogecoin) 

And you need also



Step 2

Start claiming from the MOON Faucets. These will be your faucetclaim pages:



Open the MOON faucetpages, use your email address that you have used for micro-wallet it will link and sync automatically, and transfer any faucet claims instantly to your CoinPot where you will be able to manage your funds.



















High paying faucet


Best Multi faucet ever



You need Coinbase account






Free ADA



Step 3

✳️✅stacking & 21 different faucets✅✳️


Withdraw your earning to stackcube stacking pool


Earn up-to 11.57% interest per year (0.03% daily) which is significantly higher than traditional bank deposits and alternative investments. StakeCube offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add and withdraw funds at any time - coins don't need to be locked for fixed periods.



Users with at least 0.0005 BTC in the wallet: 236

Quantity of BTC qualified for interest: 7.73849815 BTC

Daily interest amount at the maximum rate of 0.03%: 0.00232155 BTC


Users with at least 0.05 LTC in the wallet: 114
Quantity of LTC qualified for interest: 277.82206986 LTC

Daily interest amount at the maximum rate of 0.03%: 0.08334662 LTC (0.00110534 BTC)


Users with at least 1000 DOGE in the wallet: 164
Quantity of DOGE qualified for interest: 2,430,086.33673017 DOGE

Daily interest amount at the maximum rate of 0.03%: 729,02590102 DOGE (0.00028711 BTC)

For a better understanding of the following parts we need to convert the amounts for our calculation basis to BTC (1 BTC = 7.798$). This results in a daily payout over all users of:

0.00232155 BTC + 0.00110534 BTC + 0.00028711 = 0.003714 BTC


🤗 happy earnings ⛏


Step 4

KuCoin Shares (symbol KCS) pays daily bonuses to its investors. Right now, the amount is fairly small (~$0.15 USD per day for every $1000 you invest), but, as I’ll outline below, it’s possible this could grow exponentially throughout 2018.

Click the link below right now 




Step 5

Save your money & stack


Install the app, click on Airdrop in Settings, enter promo code and claim 15 AWC!

Your Promo Code: 18FPRX



Atomic Wallet



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