Gypsy Father

By Fatharach | Ego Trip | 27 Mar 2020

Gypsy Father

I never really name poems until they are over.
The chapter here is closed; I was born to a Rover
He's still at it never satisfied,
'cuz it ain't that home
Inside his head, the calm and still
He dreams to own.
I was born to him.
And with him we went,
Fortune to miss
House to home
To twelve step
Off to Florida
Back to hometown
Stay with Grandma
On our own now
Boundless stamina
Flows inside me
Though still I sit
I feel so wisely;
Pushed to limits,
Sure, she's lively!
But limits stretch
In manners timely
Associating disks
Rebuilding Mindlings
Uses the energy
Offered so wildly
When I sit and feed my mind, see?
Not walking the steps of my antihero
Wielding my inheritance with the narrow
Path going the other way,
Harrowing out the pikes and stakes
And reconnecting inside my frame
Recognizing my own face
The anti extremist
Higher place
And this is how I play.

((Know Your Cards draft))

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Poet, prophet, person.

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