Path to Self Improvement

Path to Self Improvement

By luckyone | Effective Marketing | 3 Apr 2019

Before we decide on self- improvement we need some basic soul searching and find out why we do not embrace change in our lives.

Firstly what are the things we need to improve on in your life? If you feel you have nothing and that you are perfect then you are fooling yourself. Ask your children or your spouse and they will be truthful and give you a list of your failings. Make a list as writing it down it says helps us

Focus on your goal. Set goals and a time horizon and the plan to reach it. Make the goal specific, and attainable Bar should be set high but not so high that you know you will fail.

A long term and short term plan is the key ingredient to measure your success. Once you achieve and you are on a roll you can tackle other areas that need development too.

A person should have a clear and concise vision. This vision will not only impact you but also others around you. Because of this you need to get a support system in place. People who encourage, not flatter you. Learn to take constructive criticism as this is important for you to improve yourself.

Progress should be measurable. Not having this will set you up for disaster. Celebrate your achievements big or small. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Having a great attitude as this helps towards your efforts to achieve success.

Have like- minded people to undertake the journey as you have people who will help and encourage you. A little competition goes a long way and gets to be fun.

This quote by William Ernest Henley really puts things in perceptive. It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate and  the captain of my soul.


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Effective Marketing
Effective Marketing

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