Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

By luckyone | Effective Marketing | 26 Mar 2019

Business need sales to survive. Business owner face many challanges however sales is their number one concern.To get a portionn of the market and  is the concern of all businesses, big, small, stable or start ups.

Businesses in the present economic environment have to look for ways and means to be effective. Customer loyalty is somewhat a thing of the past. Every new fad or new product that catches the eye of the public especially the younger generation gets them going. They see a celebrity using or flaunting some new fad and guess what the reaction is, they have to get it to look cool.

The question is how do we market our products on a meger budget:

Marketing yourself:

Be the expert of the product or service. You should live and breathe the product, be the face of the product. Be a visionary and use social media to showcase the product. Be creative, innovative and create a buzz about the product.

Marketing your product :

Sometimes you may have to get the product endoorsed by a celebrity to get the attention of the media. Some famous people have alot of fans or followers and when they talk or wear the product they create enough of attention for the product to go viral.

Attend Events to Market Products:

Public events like golf/charity or sporting events are a great way to showcase your product. If it is expensive to give freebied then the next best thing is to give information with a hook to grab the attention of the public.

Partnering with Business Owners:

Business Owners in related fields can pool their  scarce marketing dollars and use it effectively in the same market segment. 

Adapt to new Technology:

Businesses that have been around for some time, have to adapt to the changing enviroment to survive and technology is a Big part of it.Make technology your best friend.  Get the help of an expert  ifyou are noy computer savvy.Technology keeps changing so keep up with it to help grow your business, do not let it hinder you.

Customers are your Salespeople

Repeat business is always good for any orginasation. So make sure you satisfy and go above and beyond  A dissatisfied customer will be the bain of your existence as they talk about their bad experience.

Protect Your Reputation:

Monitor negative feedbackand make sure that the complaint is dealt with in a proper manner. Find a resolution that will satisfy a customer and make him/her a fan.

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Effective Marketing
Effective Marketing

Marketing yourself. Be the spokesperson for the product Endorsements are a great way to show the product works Attend Marketing Events and giving away freebies Partnering with businesses Use Technology Customer fee dback

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