Island of Tortured Souls

By VelvetRaindrops | Eerie Excursions | 6 May 2023

Between Venice and Lido lies a small island with a terrifyingly twisted past. Poveglia Island in Italy was a fortification built by the countries government and was used from about 1793-1814 as a quarantine zone for those unlucky enough to suffer from the plague, or showed even the slightest signs of possible sickness.

Though far from the only one, it is probably the most well known. The island is thought to have been home to over 160,000 infected people, many of whom died and were likely buried or burned there. Rumors say there are so many of the dead on the island that the soil content is at least 50 percent human remains though this has yet to be proven.

Having already been tainted with mass death, the island was also used as a dumping ground during the next epidemic.

In the 1920s, a mental hospital was opened on the island. In addition to housing the mentally insane, it also housed anyone showing symptoms of sickness or physical disability. At the time, there was little to no protection for those in such places and stories of horrific experiments and torture are well known.

A particularly twisted doctor preformed many lobotomies on the poor trapped patients, normally against their will using hammers, chisels and drills. There was no anesthetic used nor any concern for sanitation.

Stories say there are screams of tormented souls heard from the bell tower, thought no one is sure of exactly what patients who were taken there went through.

A nurse working at the hospital claims to have seen the doctor fall from the bell tower after suffering from his own mental issues. She claims while he initially survived, a ghostly mist finished him off.

The mental hospital was not shut down until 1968.

While off limits to visitors without explicit approval, many have found ways onto the island and it was also featured on the tv show Ghost Adventures in 2009. The crew stranded themselves on the island for twenty four hours and were said to have gotten plenty of spooky experiences. They ranged from unexplained music and mysterious bangs, disembodies voices and footsteps.

The mysterious bangs could be attributed to the structures still present on the island slowly and literally falling to pieces.

The island is unsurprisingly said to be the home of thousands of angry spirits and tortured souls.



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