How COVID19 Stole Important Moment in One's Life.

By jwenqc | Eed Youth's Perspective | 15 Aug 2020


A grade school graduation is a one time moment for every student who finally after going to school every day for several years had completed a task of his life. A time to be proud to show that they accomplished it too. And for that, we need to have a snapshot of that moment so that we can come back at it a later time and reminisce that time. 



But at the time you open the snapshot, It would remind you of the COVID19 and the Mask Society.

Have the mask society be considerate enough to allow to remove the mask even for the moment just for the snapshot. It would have been a great photo to look at in the future.

The COVID19 rules have gone crazy.

Basically, we will need to use the mask only if we are in the public place with which you might interact with other people and you can remove it when no one is near you. 

The COVID19 rule says

You have to wear it all the time when you are outside. 

We are forced to follow stupid rules which are supposed to be for stupid people. 




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Eed Youth's  Perspective
Eed Youth's Perspective

This blog will be from the perspective on an Ed Youth. Eed Youth was born short of intelligence and Eed can survive the world had the world did not evolve into a technology forest. The forest has gone so thick and wide that Ed has no way of escaping it. So Ed has to battle it out against the unfamiliar ground.

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